Technology Spotlight

Having the right dental technology in our office is of utmost importance. We work hard to stay on top of all the leading trends in the dental industry, which is why we invest time and money into the right dental technologies to take the best care of our patients. We'll just spotlight a few of the technology products we have in our office to help serve you better.

Webster Dentist Digital X-Ray Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Rays replace film x-rays in a dental office. Do you remember getting x-rays from your dentist and the film cuts into your gums, or is very uncomfortable? Well, with Digital X-Rays, we've had many patients comment on how much more comfortable the new x-rays are because they aren't as thin and don't cut their gums. Our patients also like the fact that our x-rays are developed in an instant, so there is no waiting time. We are also glad that we can show our patients their x-rays, right on the computer screen in the operatory, so they can see, and understand, what we're talking about when discussing their dental anatomy.

Webster Dentist Cerec Crown Cerec Crowns

We offer the convenience of doing a crown in one visit. With the Cerec milling station, we're able to take a digital impression of your tooth and model a crown, right in our office. This makes it so you don't have to leave our office with a temporary and come back later for the permanent crown. You will leave our office the first time with the crown, of the highest quality, that you will keep in your mouth for good. Our patients love it when they hear this.

Webster Dentist Filtered Water

We use only filtered, bottled water in our dental handpieces and equipment. It makes the plumbing and environment in our office much cleaner, which is healthier for our patients. The technology in our dental equipment is what allows us to use the bottled water in our procedures, and makes it easy for us to provide this convenience to our patients. We work hard to keep our office clean and ensure that the quality of your visit is top notch.